It is important for participants in courses and programs to be able to apply new knowledge in practice as quickly as possible and to change their behaviour. Therefore, when developing and implementing courses, I build on competency models of individual positions and focus on those areas which need to be supported. Participants thus improve their specific skills and achieve better performance.



to improve your self-awareness

and for your personal growth

- using the DiSC personality typology

Get a report with your own personality type, its description, recommendation for improving communication and much more.

Recognise easily and quickly different types of people around you, the way they communicate, and create functional teams.

Discover different types of people based on their writing - in an email or a letter, and customise your communication.

Recognise different types of people by their spoken word and body language, and learn how to communicate with them.

Become a DiSC expert and use it in every situation and with anyone to make a more effective and successful communication.



to gain self-confidence  

for professional presentations

- practice, practice, practice

Learn what is really necessary for a great and successful presentation such as goals, audience and structure à la Hollywood.

Experience to present in front of a camera and get a unique feedback which will move you further.

Train informational types of presentations and practice them on real topics and to more demanding audience.

Learn how to persuade others or encourage them to certain actions with your body language. 

Become professional presenters and deliver presentations in a clear, comprehensive and convincing way.



to strengthen the competencies

of every great manager

- leadership development program

Get a new look at the role of a manager and inspire your team to increase their performance and boost their team spirit.

Find the inner motivation of your people and use it for the benefit of the whole team and for better results.

Find out how to give and receive feedback which helps with the development of individuals and teams.

Identify different team roles and learn how to understand their strengths and weaknesses to use it for the benefit of all.

Know your own emotions, learn to read the feelings of others and reach emotional balance.



to communicate without conflicts

- using the TKI tool (Thomas

Kilmann conflict mode Instrument)

Understand people's problems in a way they really perceive them and start communication with them without conflicts.

Practice different types of behaviour in real situations, and analyse your own behaviour and its true reasons.

Know the true reasons for assertive and aggressive behaviour, fight manipulation and become a self-confident person.



to manage time and stress  

and MBTI self-awareness

(Myers–Briggs Type Indicator)

Do just the activities which will lead you to the goal. Make the right decisions and plan your time effectively.

Prevent stress and have a control over it. Perform well, and still live your life in a balance.

Know the MBTI typology and use it to lead people, sell and communicate with customers, or for your own development.



individual counselling

and introduction of coaching

and mentoring techniques

Unhide your potential for anything through coaching - mentoring techniques and use it for your benefit.

Practice coaching and mentoring on your own and find out in which situations and with whom which technique to use.

Let´s try to find an opportunity for cooperation from which both sides would benefit, over a cup of good coffee.

Trainex | Marek Chytil