to strengthen competencies of every great manager

- leadership development program


Do you have problems with encouriging your team to greater involvement, taking responsibility for team collaboration, or creating a comfortable working atmosphere? Do they rather require support with rewards and benefits than praise and recognition?

Find the inner motivation of your people, use the right motivational tools and encourage them to have a functional team and achieve better results.




By the end of the training course the participants will be able to:

  • realise the value of the motivation and the motivated employees,

  • identify the current level of motivation for themselves and their people,

  • motivate specific people with the help of appropriate tools and maintain an optimal level of motivation,

  • recognise demotivation, avoid the burnout and preventively "fight" with these conditions,


  • support themselves and the team in achieving better performance and building better working relationships by appropriate ways.



The PROGRAM: MANAGER COMPETENCIES is a long-term development program which is offered as a whole of five workshops in the given order. The length of the program and the consistency of self-development are crucial in order to achieve the required change in the specific competencies and behaviour, and so that the participants could use the newly acquired knowledge and experience in day-to-day operation.

Training methods


  • I use a coaching and therapeutic approach with a focus on self-reflection. The training courses are interactive and feedback based. More in the section APPROACH.


Recommended number of participants


  • about 6-12 per course.


  • The participants receive training materials and after completion of the whole program - the Program Certificate.

Training course is suitable for

  • experienced and new managers leading teams, recruiters (HR), salespeople, trainers and anyone who works with people and wants to motivate them for better performance.

Training course length


  • 1/2 day (4 hours) as required by the client and according to the needs of the target audience.

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