Do you want to learn more about how you could better utilize the potential of your people or yourself? Do you want to experience in-house educational events which are conducted interactively, and where you receive constructive feedback in a friendly environment, and which will help you move a little further in your work and personal life? If so, contact me at the number or email below and we will find a solution.


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Prague, Czech Republic, Europe

consultant - trainer - coach



1      Consultation and creation of a development strategy

​A strategy based on competency models corresponding to specific positions and their development needs; that is training needs analysis, creation of personalized development plans which enable measuring improvement and achieving the desired changes.

3      Coaching and mentoring

Individual counseling to develop one of the required competencies or to solve any of the problems identified during self-reflection.

    Sitting over coffee

Sitting over coffee and searching for opportunities of cooperation, whether business development or personality shift of people or teams.

    Location for delivering courses and meetings

Prague, Czech Republic, Europe - in English and Czech

2      Leading inspirational courses, lecturing

Delivery of soft skills development activities tailored to individual needs and focused on changing behaviour and required competencies - feedback based experiential learning with visible results.

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