I have been working in the field of human resources all my working life. Education and development of people is key to me. Therefore, at each course, during a coaching session or just at a meeting, I focus on the person on the other side and whether the communication or the solution to his / her problem is tailored to his / her particular requirements and preferences.


consultant - trainer - coach


Project-oriented training manager, trainer and coach with more than 15 years of valuable experience within the training and development in IT / Pharma / Telecommunications / Banking environment for multinational and multicultural companies. Professional, bi-lingual in English and Czech, leading projects across a complex set of stakeholders in an agile environment, driving business growth, motivating and inspiring others by my enthusiasm, vision and strategy. 

I offer solutions which help:

  • managers to properly manage their teams, inspire them and motivate them for better results,

  • sales people to sell more and achieve higher numbers,

  • recruiters and HR people to lead better interviews and Assessment Centres.


Each course is an original created specifically for a particular group so that it could maximize its benefit. Training courses are interactive with a strong focus on the outcome

My certifications

  • Certified Agile Coach (Scrum Master) - Tayllorcox s.r.o.

  • Certified Coach in Psychological Coaching - Radvan Bahbouh - QED Group a.s.

  • Everything DiSC Certified Professional / Trainer (DiSC Behavioral Styles) - DISC Group

  • MBTI Certified Practitioner (Step I & II) - CPP, Inc. (Myers-Briggs Company)

  • Certified in Project Management (PRINCE2 Foundation) - Axelos



I love swimming. When you are in the water and everything around you is just water. When you take a deep breath, submerge under the water and swim. You clear your head, come to new ideas or find solutions to problems. This is the most relaxing for me. Sometimes, when I don’t have time for swimming, I start to have these feelings in my body like withdrawal symptoms, as if I was an addict and didn’t get my dose. So, I just have to go and have my dose. But this one is OK. :-)

I also love travelling. When you get on a plane and aim to a new city. There are new adventures awaiting you. You get to the hotel and start exploring the new place full of new people, new culture, new problems etc. And when you get your mindset on the wave of “anything is possible”, then there comes the moment of your self-awareness and value based enlightenment. The more you travel, the more human you are.


I use a coaching and therapeutic approach with a focus on self-reflection. It allows participants to unhide their problem areas and the real motives of their behaviour, and it teaches them to work with them. Thanks to this, I can address the specific needs of each participant and point out the obstacles that prevent him / her from achieving better results or better relationships. If you know the true cause of a particular condition, you can choose a better way to solve it.

The trainings are highly practical. Topics discussed are maximally practiced during courses. I consider it very important to bring participants to think about topics not only during the course but also to keep their experience in the future so that the knowledge could be applied in appropriate situations.


In the context of experiential learning, I combine theory with the maximum amount of a practical training. I use individual and group games and exercises, model situations, or feedback.

A great part of the training is devoted to practical testing of the acquired knowledge in model situations and case studies - the participants experience it on their own. Thanks to this, they can immediately apply the acquired knowledge and information and receive immediate feedback.

This approach has proven to be one of the most effective forms of learning. It also acts as a strong motivation factor for further work.

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