​I offer solutions which help:


  • managers to properly manage their teams, inspire them and motivate them for better results,


  • sales people to sell more and achieve higher numbers,


  • recruiters and HR people to lead better interviews and Assessment Centres.


Training courses are interactive with a strong focus on the outcome.

I use a coaching and therapeutic approach with a focus on self-reflection. It allows participants to unhide their problem areas and the real motives of their behaviour, and it teaches them to work with them.


Thanks to this, I can address the specific needs of each participant and point out the obstacles that prevent him / her from achieving better results or better relationships.


If you know the true cause of a particular condition, you can choose a better way to solve it.

In the context of experiential learning, I combine theory with the maximum amount of a practical training. I use individual and group games and exercises, model situations, or feedback.

A great part of the training is devoted to practical testing of the acquired knowledge in model situations and case studies - the participants experience it on their own. Thanks to this, they can immediately apply the acquired knowledge and information and receive immediate feedback.

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More in the section APPROACH.


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